Unfiltered Prayers

No editing, no grammar or sentence structure taken into account. These are just raw moments of crying out to my Father through written word.

  • Unfiltered Prayers

    Why Do I Return to the Artificial Sweeteners: A Desperate Plea for a Content Heart

    God you’re like eating vegetables to me right now. I know you will satisfy more than the Oreos, I know deep down, my body craves the sustenance more than the sugar. But I still eat the Oreos, everytime. It tastes sweeter, looks more appetizing than a carrot does. I KNOW I NEED THE HEALTHY STUFF, but I don’t want it. Make me want the vegetables, make me hunger after you more than a sugar high. The things of this world seem so satisfying, so fulfilling to consume. Material items, idealistic thoughts, fun trips and experiences – how can I have it all? I want all of it, my appetite for…