So you wanna know more about me, huh? Well, I’m nothing too special, but I’m flattered you clicked the “About Me” page, I must seem more interesting than I am.

My name is Josie. I am a senior at Iowa State University at the moment and the plan is to get a degree in English. Some would consider that educational suicide, but I, for one, am more than excited to see where this degree takes me in life. I hope to teach abroad at one point in my career, maybe learn sign language and teach a deaf class, maybe be an editor? I have learned that I can’t plan my life out to a T, it often does not end up the way that I foresee it going. I am so excited to utilize my passion for writing and passion for Jesus in a practical way on this blog site, though; it gives me hope that I just might make it as a writer.

Often times, in fabricating or recreating a character in a story, the person is more realistic and relatable when special quirks, struggles, and unique traits are included in the narrative or novel. Although I am very much real, in a way, me hiding behind the internet seems distant, and it can be difficult to envision me as a real person, therefore I am reduced to an abstract character in the minds of many readers. I try to make my posts relatable, especially for other Christians and college students, however, voice and tone in writing can only get me so far. This is my attempt to convey who I am, rather bluntly I suppose, in order to help readers picture me as a living and tangible person instead of a far-off woman in the middle of Iowa.

  • I am a beginning knitter, I have made a few hats here and there and a cool blanket; I find the act of creating something out of a ball of yarn oddly soothing. I see why older women like it, now.
  • I bullet journal, which seems to be a new fad that people have taken up. Either way, it is very enjoyable for me to plan out the week or month with colorful pens and fun word art and doodles.
  • Singing is a passion of mine, too. For any choir nerds out there, I am an alto, but sing anywhere from soprano to tenor. For any non-choir nerds out there, I am sorry if you don’t understand that reference to my vocal range. Guess it’s not your forte, wink wink.
  • I am currently trying to teach myself ukulele (with the help of Youtube and my roommate), so I guess another pass time of mine is annoying my neighbors with my dissonant chords and nonrhythmic strumming.
  • I LOVE PUNS. My mind thinks in wordplay, usually cheesy or just plain cringe-worthy puns.
  • I used to be absolutely terrible at cooking; I was actually interviewed for “Worst Cooks in America” on FoodNetwork, but decided not to go to the audition because the plane ticket cost too much. I am gradually getting better, especially after my mom gave me a cookbook, recipe book, mixing bowls, and a whole kitchen set for my birthday, Easter, and Christmas. Real subtle, Mom.

So hopefully, those hobbies, quirks, and short stories made me seem more relatable and approachable. If they didn’t, then I guess this whole “About Me” page is in vain.

What really tells a lot about me, though, is how I came to Jesus. See my “My Testimony” page to read about my battle, struggle, but fulfilling journey to Christ!